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10 x 10 Arm Workout

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10 sets of 10 reps routine for big arms fast

10 x 10 arm workout

Most of us know that the proven way to get results if you want to gain muscle is all about intensity. This is something that has now been conclusively proven and someone has decided to apply this to an arm workout, which is short and sweet but continues to get amazing results.

It is called the 10 X 10 arm workout and if done correctly should be done completely in only 20 minutes. This method is very simple where you are blasting your triceps for ten minutes and then your biceps for ten minutes.

It is all based on something that has produced a number of very successful professional bodybuilders in the last 50 years. It was Vince Geronda who first started the 5 X 5 idea and the 8 X 8 routine creating a super-saturation as well as a complete fiber activation of the targeted muscle. The 10 sets of 10 reps routine was his ultimate program for muscle size and definition.

Without going to into the complex explanations offered by the MRI studies that have been done on this subject they say that a simple standing barbell curl will fully activate both heads of your biceps. It gets even more simpler than that because the same MRI studies that were done also proved that decline extensions, or skullcrushers activate all the required muscles fibers in all three heads of your triceps.

So the 10 X 10 arm workout always will start with either biceps or triceps and if you are starting with biceps you would start off with the standing barbell curl for 10 sets of 10 reps.

This is then followed by skull-crushers for 10 sets of 10 reps where you would make absolutely sure that you are using no momentum and keeping your elbows as close together as possible.

Depending how advanced you are you would then finish your 10 X 10 workout with barbell wrist curls for your forearms which again would be ten sets of ten reps.

It is important to understand that this 10 X 10 arm workout should be part of a phase training program where you are constantly mixing up your routine so you can always stay one step ahead and shock your muscles into growth. Completing 10 sets of 10 when you start off can be a bit intense so it is advised that you work your way up to that level.

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