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21s Arm Workout

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21s Bicep Curls

21s arm workout

21s have been around for years and have been done or at least tried by all competitive bodybuilders at some time or another. Some swear by their effectiveness and some find that the training with a much lighter weight can actually increase strength, which sounds like a contradiction.

The term 21s refers to the total number of reps that you would do in a set and not the sets that you do. The difference is that the set is split into the three segments of 7 reps each and then moving directly onto the next 7 reps without resting.

The first step is to select a weight that you think you could lift 21 times and you then start your first 7 reps doing a movement like barbell curls for example where you start at the bottom and halfway up. This means your hands finishing the movement no more than 90 degrees to your arms.

The second 7 rep cycle that you do without changing the weight or resting is to complete the movement from halfway to finishing the bicep curl with your hands up close to your shoulders as you would be in the completion of a normal barbell curl.

The third and final 7 reps is where you are getting all the benefit which you will feel as the burn starts to eat into the muscle. You are doing 7 full reps with the same weight just like you would train normally. This gets the pump going very seriously and you will feel the ache as all the muscles fibers are recruited.

It is recommended that you start this type of training using the lightest weight that you can so that you can focus on your form and not just lifting the weight. It is all about enabling the maximum recruitment of the muscle fibers in your arms.

The example above was given for barbell curls but this can be done with any of the arm movements. With the triceps being 80% of the size and strength of your arms you should also do this when training your triceps. Many bodybuilders add this type of training on at the end of a workout but it can also be done at the beginning of an arm workout.

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