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5x5 Arm Workout

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5 sets of 5 reps routine to get bigger stronger arms

5x5 arm workout

The argument for doing fewer reps with a heaver weight has always been something that has been discussed in bodybuilding circles. It was the famous Vince Geronda who promoted the idea of 5 sets of 5 reps routine but people say that Reg park was doing it long before him with good results.

The point is that strong muscles will get you bigger muscles which is something that we all know as bodybuilders and is the basis of any weight training idea with progressive resistance. But there is a physiological argument to it as well which we will briefly look at.

Bodybuilders are often accused about forgetting all about the nervous system and that training with maximal weights will only target this area effectively by improving the very important link between your central nervous system and your muscular system.

German exercise physiologists a few years ago used to refer to it as intra-muscular training. The argument is that when a bodybuilder or any athlete uses this method he or she will learn or teach their body to access a higher percentage of motor units in a given cross-section of any targeted muscle tissue.

It was done in a study a long time ago in 1988 and they called it the ‘Neuromuscular Basis for Maximal Weights Training’ where the results that they got from this experiment were astounding. They conclusively proved that this type of training which is basically 5 X 5 type of training produced an increased neural drive to any targeted muscle.

But along with that it also showed an increased synchronization of the many different motor units as well as a decided increased activation of the contractile apparatus or ability of the muscle generally. It was this study that showed that the larger a muscle is the faster it can contract.

The final reason why you should consider adding a 5 X 5 arm workout every so often to your workout routine is that it also has shown to effectively decrease the inhibition of the protective mechanisms of muscle that are built in to protect the muscle from over extending itself.

One still needs to be very weary when doing a 5 sets of 5 reps routine and you should only stick to this type of program for a maximum of 6 weeks to help you break through a plateau. Eating correctly and getting plenty of good rest are also vitally important to get results from this type of high intensity training.

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