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6 12 25 Arm Workout

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Activate all muscle fibers with the 6-12-25 training program

6 12 25 arm workout

Both Charles Poliquin and Dr Squat Fred Hatfield have promoted the 6 12 25 workout routine. The theory on which the 6, 12, 25 arm workout is built contains a formula to recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers during your workout so that you are getting the maximum effect. Using a combination of both heavy and light weights will mean that you will force different threshold motor units to be recruited.

The objective when training like this is to try to exhausts all the muscle fibers of that particular muscle. When working this you need to pay close attention to the form and the slow controlled deliberate movement that you do the exercise with. If you start your arm workout with biceps you will first hit the short head of the muscle and then the second exercise hits the medial and the long head. The final set of 25 reps will finish off any motor units left still being able to fire. This type of workout is obviously very short and intense and should not take longer than 25-30 minutes to complete.

By the time you get to the third round you will be about 20% weaker which means you will need to lower the weights and not the amount of reps that you do. The weight selection is key and takes a bit of practice to learn how your body responds to this type of intensity.

It should be added here that training like this comes from research done showing that the increase in lactic acid production because of this type of intensity increases the acidity of your pH which results in a higher GH (growth hormone) release.

This results in a greater fat burning ability, speeding up of your metabolism and getting the long lasting after-burn affect from doing this type of workout. OK so lets get to the meat of the sets and reps involved with this shocker arm blaster workout that will get you results fast.

You start off your first set by selecting a weight that you can easily do 6 reps and then rest 10 seconds, then do 12 reps and again a quick rest of 10 seconds and then finish off your last set of 25 reps. Below you will see the suggested movements and the sequence recommended.

A1 Incline dumbbell curls use Fat Gripz or a thick bar for faster gains 6 reps 3-4 sets 10 seconds rest max

A2 Standing barbell curl 12 reps 3-4 sets 10 seconds rest max

A3 Cable curl 25 reps 3-4 sets 180 seconds rest

Do A1, A2, A3 and then rest 3 minutes and repeat 3-4 times

B1 Close grip press 6 reps 3-4 sets 10 seconds rest max

B2 Lying skull crushers (AKA triceps extensions with an EZ bar) 12 reps 3-4 sets 10 seconds rest max

B3 Triceps cable press downs 25 reps 3-4 sets max 180 sec rest

Do B1, B2, B3 and then rest 3 minutes and repeat 3-4 times

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