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Aaron Baker Arm Workout

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What was Aaron Baker's arm training routine?

aaron baker workout routine

Aaron Baker was is a Californian bodybuilder that competed for 16 years as a professional bodybuilder. Aaron was born on November 11, 1960. Aaron had the nickname "Dark Angel" and was a talented cartoonist.

Aaron stands 5'10" tall and competes at around 236 pounds of ripped to threads well balanced muscle with his huge 23 inch arms.

Since Aaron started bodybuilding he has been a dedicated volume trainer, but like many volume trainers before him he started to reach overtraining and even losing muscle. At the time the late Mike Mentzer told him that you can train hard or long but not both so he changed his training.

This new training that Aaron did was 3 maybe 4 times a week at the maximum with each workout lasting only 45 minutes and never more than that. His 45 minutes was intense following a simple 15 to 20 rep range with a light-ish weight then adding 50% more weight and do another 15 to 20 reps.

The third set would be his maximum weight trying to get to 15 reps until failure is reached. He would rest for a maximum of 10 seconds and do the same again. Depending on how he feels that day he would also add strip sets, forced reps or drop sets and even rest pause to try and eek more muscles fibers to work in the targeted body-part.

For biceps he did preacher curls and one arm cable curls.

For triceps he did lying triceps extensions and close grip bench press.

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