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Add Half an Inch to Your Arms

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build huge arms
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Add 1/2 Inch to Your Arms in 30 Days

add half an inch to your arms

by Louis

This workout will definitely build your biceps and triceps, by at least 1/2 inches in 4 weeks. I am a very "hard gainer" as far as the arms go. I was told about this program, and it only takes 5 minutes to perform. So as a non-believer I tried it.

It goes as so: 1 chin, close grip, 30 to 60 seconds up and 30 to 60 seconds down.
Immediately go and do straight-bar curls, strict, with 50% of your max, to failure.
Next (no rest), do a 1 dip, 30 to 60 seconds up and 30 to 60 down.
Then do a 50% of max tri extension to failure.
Next do another chin, as slow as you can in both directions.
That last one - the chin - is the killer.

Only do this routine for 1 month or so, and then rest for a cycle - or you will not get the same results.

Another tip . . .

In every book and picture I have seen, the pre 1960s weightlifters all had huge forearms. If you have ever seen the weightlifting bars they used, they were extremely thick bars where you would grip them.

So, to get the same results that they did from any exercise with a barbell, I wanted a bigger grip. It is impossible to find a bar like that today, so I took 2 1/2-inch pvc couplers, about 5 inches wide, and cut a 1-inch gap the length of the pvc unit. I was then able to do curls and benching with larger grips by sliding the pvc with the slit onto the bar, then griping the pvc.

By doing this, I feel more attention is on my chest and/or biceps when doing the appropriate exercise. Use the couplers for the pvc--they are stronger then the pipe.

Have fun and may you gain and gain again!

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