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Bicep Arm Routine

The bicep curl is a generic term that refers to a number of weight training exercises which target the bicep muscle in order to develop one or more of the following attributes:


Bicep curls can be done using any of the following equipment:

E-Z bar (also known as a "Bent bar")
Cable machine
Bicep curling machine

Although the exercises differ, a common factor of each is a 'curling' motion, where a weight—attached to an item of equipment listed above—is moved through an arc, primarily using the strength of the bicep. The bicep is contracted to lift the weight upward through the arc to a point where further movement is not possible. The bicep is then extended, lowering the weight back through the arc, to the start position. This contraction and extension together constitute a single repetition.

For example, when performing a bicep curl with a barbell, stand straight, with feet a few inches apart, grasping the bar with an underhanded grip and curling the bar upwards and inwards towards the upper part of the arms. Elbows should be kept close to the body. The biceps should be flexed when the bar has reached the top of its journey. Lower the bar slowly and with control.

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