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Arm Specialization

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build huge arms
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Arm Specialization Workout Program

arm specialization

There is a big difference to having big arms when you are measuring the size of the arm compared with great arms which is what we will be discussing here. We all should know that size comes from "time under tension" because that produces strength which results in size.

But the difference between big arms and great arms is that great arms come directly from specific isolated exercises to develop shape and definition in your arms and not just size. A power-lifter has big arms and a bodybuilder has great arms and that is the difference.

The bottom line is that if you are doing high intensity training with volume doing high reps with a light weight you probably are not getting great results increasing the size of your arms. But on the other hand if you're doing heavy sets with low reps then you might be getting the size but not the "polished" high definition effect that training with light weights gets you.

This means that you need to do both if you want to get great arms. Heavy weight training will get you the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy that you need for size which is also that "puffy" look that needs refinement. Training with light weights will get you that high definition solid look in your arms so it is a combination of the two.

Because your arms are being directly used when you train your upper body pulling and pushing movements you should not be concerned about training your arms specifically more than twice a week. Any good well-planned arm specialization program should include the attack on your arms three times a week for a quick 20 minute workout for 8 to 12 weeks to see results. But this means that you always need to think about switching your training and constantly shocking the muscles in your arms to grow. Sculpting your arms to greatness means that you must always play with the positioning by using different angles as well as different wrist positioning.

In conclusion you need to plan ahead if you want to get great arms that will have women falling at your feet. That means doing heavy weights with low reps as well as light weights with high reps. The recommended split between these two should be 1 to 9 reps using a heavy weight and doing 15+ repetitions when doing a light weight.

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