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What is the best way to increase arm size?

triceps training tips

It won't matter whether you are training to be a bodybuilder or if you are just looking to increase the mass, arm size is one of the first things that others notice. There are a variety of things that you can do training wise to increase the size in your arms. You don't have to train hours on end in order to get massive arm size either. If you just focus on a few core exercises, you will be fine and your arms will gain the muscle mass you want.

The first exercise you should work on doing is the barbell bicep curl. One thing you need to watch out for is that you are not leaning back, while your biceps are picking up the weight. A barbell can give a person added mass, much more than a dumbbell can.

When done properly momentum should not be doing any of the work, your muscle fibers should be working at maximum.

Another great exercise is incline dumbbell curls. This is a good exercise to do because you are on an inclined position. Your back is restricted from actually giving into the momentum. So the muscle fibers are doing all the work. As long as you maintain the proper weight and control, you will be working the muscles in your bicep in a proper fashion.

A great exercise that you can do for your triceps is the cable pushdowns. If you are looking to work those deep muscle fibers, than this is perfect. With this exercise you can change it up a bit each time. You can use a rope, you can also use a straight bar or a bent bar.

Another great tricep exercise is called dips. Your pattern of movement is not that stable, so you are calling into action the stabilization muscles surrounding the triceps.

Three sets of each exercise, done twice a week will put you on the fast track to bigger arms.

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