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How did old school bodybuilders workout to get big arms?

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Looking back at those guys who used to workout on the beaches and have enormous muscles, how did those old school bodybuilders workout to get usch big arms? You may be frustrated with the results you are getting from your local gym or from those supplements that promised with just a little work you could have arms like Arnold did in the 1970's. The truth is all these new gadgets and routines simply do not produce the results that those old school bodybuilders were able to consistently obtain.

Building your arm muscles like the old school guys did is a lost art. The workout routines back then focused more on building big strong muscles that exploded with mass, that just doesn't seem to be the case in most gyms across the country today.

Getting back to basics is the best way you can attain those superhuman sized arms that were the rage long ago. This means you will be increasing your arm workout times to more than once a week. The old school guys were in the gym every single day working those muscles until they were sculpted pieces of art. Here are some simple basics so you can produce those incredible arms you have been wanting.

Working out once a week allows the muscles to atrophy by the time you get back in the gym. For serious muscle mass you need to work those specific muscles at least twice a week. Those old school guys would combine both high and low reps to begin to pump up those arms to their maximum size. If you want to achieve serious muscle mass in your arms like Serge Nubret used to have, then only focus on high sets and high reps for a while.

Begin your workout with barbell curls at a very quickened pace. You want to do up to 15 sets for the triceps and 15 sets for the biceps all in only 20 minutes. This fast pace will accelerate the growth of muscle mass. When you have gotten your arms fully pumped up, you need to wait about an hour before you move on to a different muscle group. This allows the blood to stay in the muscles.

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