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Arms How Many Sets

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How Many Sets Should I Do For Arms?

arms how many sets

There is a simple answer to the question above, which may need a bit of explanation. Firstly the answer is that you should try and do all the different kinds of sets and rep ranges that you can in order to get as many muscle fibers activated as possible. For arms anywhere from 3 to 12 sets seems to be the correct range depending on experience, intensity, etc.

Although most bodybuilders will be primarily focused on getting stronger and training with low reps using a high repetition speed to maximize power it also has to do with time under tension (TUT). Tension in the targeted muscle will only come from isolating a muscle and "squeezing" it when you train.

A bodybuilder should do that and do sets that maximize time under tension to maximize cross sectional area of the muscle.

All the experts seem to agree that there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to adding size to your arms and that is to spend one-third of your total training time for the week on doing low reps with a heavy weight. One-third of your training schedule should be training with moderate weights doing 8 to 12 reps and the last one-third should be higher reps like 12 to 25 reps.

How you split that all up can be done in just one workout or you can do a heavy day and a light day but never train your arms more than three times a week. Using the above mentioned variety of different training methods to blast your arms will ensure that you are always getting the maximum benefit from your hard workouts.

If muscle comes from putting time under tension (TUT) then we need to always be aware of where the stress is going when we train. For example when training your back you are using elbow flexion and that means stress on your biceps. This means that you are accumulating TUT on your biceps when doing back training.

The same can be said for triceps as doing any pushing movements from military press for shoulders to bench-press will be putting your triceps under more tension which will add up to the total TUT requirement that you need to get results in growing your triceps.

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