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Arms How Many Times A Week

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How Many Times A Week Should I Train Arms?

arms how many times a week

It goes without saying that everybody is different and has different abilities to recuperate correctly so to answer the question above quickly you should never train your arms more than twice or three times a week. That does not mean that you cannot train the different parts of your arms 4 times a week.

For example if you are training back and biceps on Monday and then Chest and triceps on Tuesday you would be training your arms 4 times a week. It is highly recommended from the experts that you should not attempt to do more than that because you will eventually just be getting weaker and reach a point of overtraining.

It obviously depends on how long you have been training with weights and if you have been training for less than a year then you should be training your whole body three times a week until you start seeing a difference to the amount of muscle that you hold.

If you feel that your arms are never sore after you work them out with high intensity training then it is advised by the experts that you increase the amount of reps that you train with and use a lighter weight. Training with sets of 15 or more reps using a lighter weight will allow you to train them more often if you think that is the only way to get results.

If you are training your arms more than twice a week and doing sets that are less than 8 reps then you will not be getting enough recovery time in order to grow your arm muscles on a continuous basis unless you are taking steroids. Recuperation is vital when you are trying to increase the amount of muscle that you carry on your arms.

The last suggestion is to increase your sets and reps that you do rather than increase the amount of times that you train your arms. However you can do a lot better than that by changing your sets to doing drop sets or negatives or even doing forced reps with a spotter who knows what they are doing, the choices are endless.

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