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Arms Only Day

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Arm Day Workout for Mass

arm day workout

by Bill

This is a work out for pretty much an arms-only day.

1. Warm up bi's with fairly light dumbbells, alternating curls 40's, 10 to 12 reps.

2. Warm up tri's doing about 30 dips with no extra weight belt tied on.

3. Find a Scott "preacher type" curl machine that you can reach the weight pins quickly and start with the max you can do for 6-8 reps with, then immediately drop the pin down 30 or so lbs., then crank out 6-8 more, or what ever you can. Then without resting, drop another 30 or so and do as many reps as possible and then drop the weight amount again until you are curling 20 to 30 lbs. Concentrate and do as many reps as you can.

A variation on this is 6-8 half reps bottom and top and then 6-8 full reps starting with a lighter weight and going down the scale to almost the bottom again. It's a killer, but the good kind! You'll be humbled, but I guarantee you'll be achingly pumped, and you WILL GROW!

You can do the same thing with you tri's with an overhead or push down type triceps machine. Just remember to keep you elbows in and pretty strict form. Your arms will be fried, but they will grow and become more vascular. Just go to the gym and DO IT!

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