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Arnold Schwarzenegger Arm Workout

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Learn Arnold Schwarzenegger's bicep and tricep workout

arnold schwarzenegger arm workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most famous bodybuilder of all time, the man who is known around the world by simply his first name, and one of the biggest Hollywood action stars of the past several decades. Arnold rode to the top on the peak of his biceps. Arnold’s bicep peak is legendary, the most famous muscle of the bodybuilding world and the most iconic muscle of all.

Arnold worked his arms twice a week in the off season and three times a week before a contest. He also used a split not only in his workout routine but a split in the way he worked his arms. He employed exercises for building mass as well as working on isolation. In fact Arnold was one of the first bodybuilders to place such emphasis on isolation movements.

Some of Arnold's favorite biceps exercises included:

Cheat barbell curls
Incline dumbbell curls
One arm concentration curls

And some of Arnold's favorite triceps exercises were:

Bench Dips
Close grip bench press
Cable press downs

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