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Bertil Fox Arm Workout

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What was Bertil Fox's arm training routine?

bertil fox arm workout

Bertil Fox had a beast of a physique, and his arms were a key part of his stout package. Many bodybuilders of the big arm era had thick arm muscles, but Bertil had the thickest. No one had thicker, fuller arms.

Bertil was nicknamed "Brutal" for his hardcore training approach. He would often pound out an incredible amount of sets to pound a muscle group into submission. This was just as true for his arm training as with the rest of his densely muscled physique.

For arm size Bertil would do giant sets with the following exercises:

Biceps - Standing Barbell Curl, Barbell Preacher Curl, Dumbbell Incline Curl and Barbell Concentration Curl.

Triceps - Pulley Pushdowns, Reverse Pulley Pushdowns, Lying Tricep Extensions and Parallel Bar Dips.

At times Bertil would even get more brutal with his training. He would crank out as many as thirty sets for his biceps, and thirty sets for his triceps, with a 6-8 repetition range.

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