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Best Bicep Workout

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What is The Best Workout for Biceps

best bicep workout

Everyone wants bigger biceps, in fact if you walk into any gym in the world and you will see more people working arms than any other body part.

But with all this work going into bicep training most people are still unhappy with their results and are constantly searching for the best workouts and methods to get jacked arms.

To get the best results at anything you have to know more about the subject you are dealing with, in this case the biceps muscles.

The biceps has two functions, both to curl the arm up towards the shoulder and to turn the palms up and out. So if you are only doing barbell curls you are neglecting the second function of the biceps.

What you need to do it also hit the biceps with alternate supinating dumbbell curls, which allow you to turn your hands up and at the top of the curl turn them outwards and flex your biceps hard.

Also if you put more weight on the side of the dumbbell that is towards your body than the side that is away from you, it will make the turning motion ever harder - thus giving your biceps more growth stimulation.

Another big tip is to use slow and controlled tension, too many people cheat like crazy when working arms and end up getting little in the way of results.

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