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Arm Bicep Blaster Review

"Anyone who has picked up a barbell and proceeded to do curls will immediately notice it's hard to keep their elbows still. Three things happen as you attempt to get the barbell to your shoulder: 1) your biceps contracts to bend your elbow, 2) your lats kick in to pull your elbows back which helps get the weight closer to your shoulders, and 3) your back muscles contract to sway you backwards which helps you "heft" the weight up. .

Problem is, we're doing the curl to build up the biceps, not the lats and back muscles. You can eliminate the trunk swaying by leaning back against something like a wall, but there's still the problem of keeping the elbows from being pulled backwards by the lats. .

Enter the Body Solid Arm Bicep Bomber Workout Equipment. It's an ingenious device which prevents the elbows from moving backwards and takes the lats out of the equation- which in turn forces just your biceps to do all the work. The device is simple to use and as soon as you try it, you'll immediately feel the difference. .

The short analysis? The Biceps Bomber works because it isolates the biceps! Also suggest Smokin' Hot Guns!!: How an Average Guy Can Get Big, Muscular Arms In One Workout A Week in your pursuit of bigger arms."

The Arm Blaster keeps both elbows stationary during curls for more effective arm workouts. It enables the isolation of biceps and triceps for added power and explosiveness.

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