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Bicep Blasting Workouts

Build Big Arms Workouts
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One Set Bicep Blaster

bicep blasting workouts

by KimmeC8

OK, guys this set is not for the faint of heart (caution: you may blow a nut). This set is meant to be done with heavy weights. Take a straight bar and load it with five plates on each end--5's, 10's or whatever--so that when it's loaded you can only squeeze out just 10 reps. OK, here we go: Do ten reps, set the bar down immediately, then drop one plate off each end. Hurry--do ten more reps, then drop another plate off each end. Do this until you're at just the bar and do ten more. No stopping allowed in-between. WAIT--you're not done yet. Start adding the plates back on each end, one at a time, continuing with the 10 reps. Remember you haven't stopped yet. When you get all the plates back on--back where you started-- your set is then done. This is all done as one set, and the only set for biceps in this workout. Don't do this every bicep workout, but use it to blast the shit out of 'em once in a while.

For Untamed Biceps

This an exercise I've modified from an old standby favorite: single-arm cable press-downs, commonly done facing the cable machine. Try this on for size (pun intended): Stand sideways, grab the handle and pull it down towards the bottom of the rep. Twist your arm so that, at completion, your palm is facing behind you. Do this for 6 reps; this will pinpoint the outer head of the tricep. Then pull the cable across your chest. Toward the bottom, twist your arm so that, at completion, your palm is facing forward. Do another 6 reps. This hits the inner head of the tricep. Hold the contractions at the bottom for a second on each rep. Do three sets of these babies for a finishing tricep exercise, and you'll thank me.

Good luck and get ripped.

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