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Bicep Equipment

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How to Build Biceps Without Fancy Equipment

how to build biceps without equipment

What equipment do you need to build big biceps? There are so many makers of machines and gadgets today claiming they will give you the best results. But, do you really need Nautilus machines, Hammer strength equipment, a preacher curl bench, the Joe Weider arm blaster, etc?

I remember one person that told me he wasn't working out because he didn't have access to Nautilus machines, which he felt was the best, and didn't want to waste his time with inferior equipment.

This is an obvious excuse to be lazy and not workout at all!

While all the above-mentioned equipment are very good, I will let you in on a little secret - some of the biggest biceps of all time were built using nothing more than barbells and dumbbells and even working out at home.

It is not the equipment you use but what you do with it, and one of the most important factors is being consistent over time, working your biceps two to three times a week, not missing workouts month in and month out. Then you will see great results.

Sometimes people ask me "is there any exercise to build biceps without equipment"?

Well one of the best exercises for biceps is the close grip palms up chin up, this requires something to do the chin ups on, but most school yards and parks have chin ups bars, or you could even use a tree branch.

But the truth is that the simple tools that you need to build excellent biceps such as a doorway chin up bar, an adjustable barbell, and adjustable dumbbells are so inexpensive and take up so little room that there is no excuse at all to not get pumping!

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