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Common Bicep Injuries

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How to avoid avoid bicep injuries from weight lifting

common bicep injuries

Weight lifters often have to deal with a variety of different muscle injuries. These injuries make it difficult to continue a workout program, and can cause muscle loss if left unattended. The most common type of muscle injures are bicep injuries. Understanding these injuries can help you take steps to avoid them.

There are five basic types of bicep injuries: tendinitis, irritation, adhesion, tears, and impingement.

Tendinitis is an injury that occurs if you've over excerted the tendons in your biceps. Weight lifters beginning new programs or trying to improve their strength too quickly often fall victim to this injury. Tendinitis causes great pain throughout your biceps, as well as inflammation, sharp stabbing pains, and muscle deterioration. Tendinitis can be treated using ice and anti-inflammatories.

Tendon irritation can also occur through excessive lifting or poor technique. It is caused by poor circulation in the tendons and may make then tense and difficult to move. Treating irritation is as simple as lightly working the tendons and adding heat to tendons. Topical irritation treatments are also highly effective in increasing circulation to your bicep tendons.

Adhesions are serious muscle injuries that can occur deep within the muscle tissue of your biceps. Sometimes, your biceps won't even be affected directly, but the pain from the adhesion will spread up to your bicep. They are usually caused by over exertion, poor form, or a sudden increase in weight to the muscle. They can be treated with full-range-of-motion exercises and deep tissue massage. Sometimes, however, surgery is necessary to remove damaged muscles.

Bicep tendon tears are probably the most serious of all bicep injuries. They usually occur during extreme trauma or excessive force during weight lifting. This is especially true when the bicep is not prepared for a weight. Tears actually remove tendons from the muscles, with more extreme causes actually tearing the muscle completely from the tendon. Often, these injuries require surgery to repair.

Tendon impingement syndrome occurs when tissues, muscles, tendons, or nerves are "pinched" in your bicep or other vital arm muscles. When tendons are pinched, it can cause serious inflammation, fraying tissues, severe pain, rupture of the tendons, as well as complete or partial tears. Muscle manipulation and medication is often enough to treat this condition.

Taking care of your biceps and slowly increasing weight during your routines should help avoid many of these problems. You should also master basic lifting procedure. Start with the weights in your hands, with your arms fully extended to your thigh. Curl the weight upwards, without moving your elbow joint from your thigh. Elevate your front upper arms, until the weights are level with your forehead. Keep your arms in place and tightly flexed for each lift.

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