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Biceps Poses

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How to Pose Biceps

When it comes to bodybuilding and posing, knowing how to properly to perform the biceps poses is a mandatory thing. If a person does not know how to pose correctly and show the maximum mass and defination of their biceps, it means that they are not going to impress anyone or place very high in a bodybuilding competition.

When it comes to posing with biceps, they are usually done four different ways. Those four ways are the front bicep pose, the back bicep pose, the double bicep pose, and the side bicep pose.

front bicep pose

The front bicep pose can be done with the single bicep or both biceps together. This is the usual and most known front facing pose where a person flexes their arms to show the bicep. The front bicep pose is so named because it showcases the front of the bicep. Again, it can be done with one arm or with two arms.

back bicep pose

The back bicep pose is the opposite of the front bicep pose it is almost always done with both arms. This is done when the person turns their back to object that they are posing to and it shows the back of the arm or the back of the bicep. The front and back bicep pose together does it job by being able to express and show the whole diameter of the bicep.

front bicep pose

The double bicep pose again is pretty much self explanatory and was talked about earlier. The double bicep pose is done when both arms are flexed and it can be done either standing forward to a crowd or back to a crowd. Bodybuilding judges like the double bicep pose because it is able to determine the symmetry of both biceps and see if they are equally muscular.

side bicep pose

The side bicep pose is one where the person usually turns to the side but not all the way around. The side bicep pose is done with your side facing a crowd and can be alternated between both arms. These bicep poses are easy to master and when they are mastered will be able to help person to show the maximum effort that is put forth in building the bicep.

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