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Bicep Soreness After Workout

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How to Relieve Bicep Soreness

bicep soreness after workout

Q. Hi Paul,

My name is Jeff and I love your Old School Arm program, I am making amazing gains on it already.

The only problem is sometimes I get really sore biceps for a few days after my workout, and I not sure if I should workout again while I'm still sore.

And can you also tell me the best ways to relieve muscle soreness?

A. Yes, some of the techniques in the program can make your arms very sore, but that's one of the reasons they are so effective.

Whether or not you should work the same muscle again while it's still sore depends on how severe the pain is. If the soreness is light or moderate you can workout again as long as you are sure to warm up thoroughly. But if the soreness is severe it is best to give that body part a couple of more days rest.

Ways to relieve bicep soreness include stretching, doing a lighter weight higher rep workout (do not go to failure, just get a good pump), sauna or hot tub, massaging the sore muscles, alternating ice and heat for 10 to 15 minutes each, back and forth, etc.

If severe muscle soreness persists you should consult a doctor who is familiar with sports medicine.

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