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Split Biceps

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How To Get A Split Bicep

how to get a split bicep

The truth is that unless you have been training for at least two years and have already added at least 20 pounds of good quality muscle to your frame getting a split in your biceps is a tall order. These days we do not see the peak biceps that we used to see a few decades ago as everyone seems to go for size no matter what the shape.

Just like adding muscle to any other body-part we need to consider the genetics that we were born with. There are some bodybuilders who train for only a couple of years and develop a full peak to their biceps and even show a split bicep peak when their body-fat is low enough.

However this genetic gift that we get from our parents is beyond our control so we first need to be able to deal with what we are born with and get the best results that we can with what we have. This starts and ends with the training and the dieting that you do and nothing else.

Developing a split bicep will only come with the slow development of a peak on your biceps. You first need to do workouts so that you can increase the peak of your biceps before you concern yourself with showing a split bicep that will clearly show the medial and lateral biceps brachia separation.

In order to develop the much sought-after bicep split we need to concentrate on isolation movements that will be able to isolate the different heads of the biceps. Movements like standing cable curls or single dumbbell curls done on a preacher bench will help to isolate the different heads on the biceps.

But all this training done so that you can show the two heads on your biceps is completely useless if your body-fat is not less than 12% as you will simply not be able to see this split as it will be covered by fat. This means watching what you eat so that you can get your body-fat down otherwise you are wasting your time.

When we see bodybuilders like Albert Beckles or Ronnie Coleman showing that awesome split in their biceps it is because they have a body-fat of less than 10%, which shows what is hiding beneath the fat. It is only the chosen few genetically gifted bodybuilders who can show a biceps split at over 10% body-fat.

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