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Biceps Anatomy

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Anatomy of Biceps and Triceps

In general usage, biceps usually refers to biceps brachii. The Biceps Brachii is attached to the forearm bone called the radius and originates at the scapula in two places. Biceps is a Latin term that means two heads (the Bicep gets it's name from these two heads - called the short head and the long head).

The Biceps runs down the anterior or front side of the humerus and makes up approximated 1/3 of the muscle mass of the upper arm.

The biceps brachii are associated with strength. The size of the biceps can be increased through weight training.

The triceps brachii muscle is a large three-headed skeletal muscle. It runs along the back of the upper arm and serves to extend the forearm, hence it is an extensor muscle.

The three heads are called:

The Long Head

The Lateral Head

The Medial Head

The Triceps account for 2/3 of the arm's mass and people who exercise the arms with weights often neglect this group of muscles in favour of the biceps brachii.

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