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Bill Grant Arm Workout

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What was Bill Grant's arm routine?

bill grant arm workout

Bill Grant as born in New Jersey New York on the 27th September 1946. Bill epitomizes bodybuilding and was one of the key principals in starting the fitness boom in the early 80's that has changed the way that we look at exercise forever. Bill started training at an early age and has trained with the best at the start of the bodybuilding boom in Gold's Gym.

Using the old school type training methods he managed to come on stage presenting a well-balanced rock solid physique with an enormous amount of muscle. At 5'9' and competing at around 200 pounds he had noticeable quality muscle that got him the IFBB Mr. America in 1972 and the IFBB Mr. World in 1974.

He has made an enormous contribution to the education of the general public about what health and fitness is. He has hosted a radio show called "Fit for Life" and a very successful Comcast television series on Cable with over 1.5 million viewers weekly. From countless appearances on TV and Fox news, ABC, CNN, ESPN and many others as well as many magazine and articles on line he as certainly had a major influence on our general perception of health and fitness.

Called 'Mr. Bodybuilding' by many of the top bodybuilding magazines he became the outspoken speaker for vigorous exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy attitude to life. In his own easy to understand language he slowly starts to make sense of the mass of misinformation out there are how to gain muscle.

Today Bill is 68 years old with over 40 years experience as a competitive bodybuilder and is without a doubt one of the greatest legends to come out of the bodybuilding world. His approach to weight training to gain muscle and gaining strength is based on a simple philosophy of dealing specifically with the intensity, the duration and the frequency of all resistance workouts with a specific goal in mind.

Bill Grant Arm Routine

His rock hard physique with those distinctive 20-inch arms became a trademark for him and he was always asked about his arm training that he did. He said that the only way to get bigger arms is to get a bigger "pump", which he said, is done by super-setting your triceps with your biceps in the same workout.

For biceps he would do machine curls, barbell curls and dumbbell concentration curls.

And for triceps, press downs, decline French press, one arm extensions and dumbbell kickbacks.

In his own words he had to learn the hard way that the more resistance training that you do does not mean the more muscle you will gain. He uses the perfect example of training each body-part 3 times a week when he trained with Arnold only to discover that he personally did not grow with not enough recovery time. So he swiched to twice a week and made great gains.

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