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Bill Pearl Arm Workout

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What was Bill Pearl's arm training routine?

bill pearl arm workout

Someone named the world's best built man should have a pair of hot arms and that was certainly true of Bill Pearl. Pearl, a five time Mr. Universe winner had a thick and powerful body and his arms were also thick and powerful. Pearl, the author of a variety of training books, is thought of by some people as one of the best built bodybuilders to ever step on stage.

Pearl was a volume trainer and would do four different exercises for five sets making a total of twenty sets each for biceps and triceps. And he would work his arms up to three times a week!

He would avoid over training despite the high volume and frequency by never training to failure. He would make his last rep of each set hard but not impossible and he would leave the gym feeling great rather than wiped out.

Bill's arm training approach did indeed work, and he was able to develop amazing arm size.

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