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Bill Pettis Arm Workout

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What was Bill Pettis's arm training routine?

bill pettis arm workout

Bill Pettis was born in the UK in and only competed as a bodybuilder in 1975 where he placed third at the IFBB Amateur Championships. But everyone from those good old days will remember Bill Pettis as having the largest arms in the business at 23 and 1/4 inches.

We don't know if this is true but there are many articles and many photographs that verify that the man had the biggest arms in the world. In fact Bill moved to Venice beach because of his love for the sport but unfortunately never managed to develop the rest of his body to compete on a regular basis.

Said to have some extremely bad luck with scammers and takers who eventually took everything he had and it is said that he still lives on the streets if he is alive at all. Very little information is about where Bill is now and if he has a family but we can certainly learn something from this manís contribution to the sport of bodybuilding.

With most bodybuilders eating 6 times a day Bill insisted that eating only twice a day and taking a few desiccated liver tablets and a couple of protein shakes was good enough for him. However it was more than likely the financial constraints which produced these types of nutritional habits.

His training was also unusual as although he believed strongly in training with a very high volume he would always do twice as many sets on his triceps as he would on his biceps. With our triceps making up 80% of our upper arm size it is little wonder that he managed to get his arms to 23 inches.

It is said that he would do triceps standing press with over 340 pounds and used to curl 225 pounds for reps of 8.

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