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Bodybuilding Golden Age

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The Golden Age of Bodybuilding

bodybuilding golden age

Although there have been men throughout history that have strived to be stronger by training with weights bodybuilding only really started to take off in the 1960's. It was a time when people who started bodybuilding were not concerned with sponsorships, endorsements or fame and fortune.

It was the Golden age of bodybuilding, which started to only get recognition with the introduction of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Weider. It all started at Gold’s Gym in Venice beach, which became the Mecca of bodybuilding all over the world.

The motivation that started the trend of bodybuilding was for the love of it and not the money. There was no money in bodybuilding in those days and the serious gym junkie was interested in competing because it was in his blood and not for any hidden agenda.

The first Mr.Olympia was in 1965 brought new vigor for all top-level bodybuilders at the time. It was men like Larry Scott who won the first Mr.Olympia in 1965 that were the pioneers of what we know today as bodybuilding.

The film Pumping Iron launched the acting career of Arnold and Lou Ferrigno who went on to make a serious acting career.

In those days the gym was not a fancy place to be seen. There was no Lycra, no qualified personal trainers, no Crèches full of spilt gym rats. This was a place, which had a concrete floor where you could drop the weights without being concerned about getting kicked out of the gym.

It was a place for hard work where men who sort to get stronger trained for hours at a time with no music blaring and no chromed weights with carpeted flooring . The Golden age of bodybuilding started with the combination of a visionary Joe Weider combined with Arnolds amazing success as well as the start of the world’s first Gold Gym at Venice beach.

Progress was fast as the trial and error approach gave way to scientific study changing the nutrition and the way that bodybuilders trained.

Over 50 years later the routines and the old school methods used to train the top ranked competitive bodybuilders still holds true today. The new scientific studies have taught us how to optimize our workouts but the basics will always remain the same. You have to get stronger if you want more muscle it is as simple as that.

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