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Brad Pitt Arm Workout

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What was Brad Pitt's arm training routine?

brad pitt arm workout

Brad Pitt certainly needs no introduction but something that bodybuilders would surely be interested in is how he changed his body from the lean and ripped ectomorph in Fightclub to that mass of muscle he showed us in Troy. Although Brad is genetically an ectomorph being tall and thin he still managed to add an extra 25 pounds of muscle to his frame.

His arm size when in Fightclub was 15 inches and with his low body-fat they looked like 18 inches. But when he did Troy he had added an extra 2 inches on his arms which can easily be seen when we see him in his Roman fighting outfit. His training as well as his diet for getting his body in that condition was carefully controlled and guided by experts.

It goes without saying that Brad's diet was vitally important to get the amazing results that he did. The actual training program from a bodybuilding point of view might seem like too much volume and not enough heavy weight with low reps but it works so you should give it a try.

Brad trained 6 days a weeks with chest on Mondays back on Tuesdays, shoulders on Wednesdays, biceps and triceps on Thursdays, cardio on Friday and his leg workout on Saturdays. The exercises were simple and he always did 3 sets of 15 reps making sure that the weight selected made the last two reps almost impossible to complete. Resting a maximum of only one minute between sets make it a very intense workout where one needs to push that extra bit harder with no time to relax and take it easy under a heavy weight.

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