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Forearm Workouts For Mass

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build huge arms
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forearm workouts for mass

The forearms on any strength athlete are a telltale sign of strength but it can also greatly affect the overall impression of muscle when you are a bodybuilder. Just like the calves forearms are largely dependent on your genetic potential but that does not mean you cannot make a difference by training them correctly.

The forearms can be divided into three main muscle groups and they are the wrist extensors, the wrist flexors and obviously the brachioradialis. We will briefly look at each one of these muscle groups in the forearm and discuss the best way to train them.

The wrist extensors as the name suggests will enable the hand to extend up and backwards like showing someone to stop. It is quite a complex group of small muscles with eight different heads. We will not list the long names of these muscles but rather just go right into the best way to train them.

It is recommended that you select one of the following movements to each after each bicep workout using Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl, Cable Reverse Curl or Dumbbell Reverse Curl. It is highly recommended that you always use variety when training your forearms in order to always stimulate farther gains.

The weight selection and the rep selection that you choose should be between 12 and 15 reps and the weight you select will depend on your own specific strength that you have when doing these. Constantly changing your forearm workouts will help you to always add muscle and strength which will build size.

The flexors are the muscles in the forearm that run the length of the inner forearm. It is these muscles in the forearm that and are the most notable muscle in terms of size. These wrist flexors have six heads which again we will not list.

The standard method of attacking these wrist flexors is by using movements like Barbell Wrist Curls, Cable Wrist Curls and Dumbbell Wrist Curls. As with the wrist extensor movements it is a good idea to only select one of these movements that you train twice a week.

The Brachioradialis is the last muscle group in the forearms which are situated on the upper/outer portion of the forearm. It is often a thick cord-like muscle that can easily be seen when your arm is fully straightened and it has only one head which is the brachioradialis itself.

Again there are a number of different movements that you can use to isolate this muscle but again as with the other movements listed above it is best to only select one of these and change it often. The movement that best isolates the brachioradialis is Reverse Barbell Curls or Reverse Preacher Curls, Reverse Cable Curls or Reverse Cable Preacher Curls as well as Dumbbell Hammer Curls.

It needs to be added here that if you want to see a difference to grip strength and your forearm size generally you must always only use wrist straps when you have reached the point of failure when doing deadlifts or chins. Training with a thick barbell will also help you improve the size of your forearms considerably.

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