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Carl Weathers Arm Workout

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What was Carl Weathers' arm training routine?

carl weathers arm workout

Carl Weathers is probably better known as Apollo Creed for the many Rocky movies he made with Sylvester Stallone. Carl has been an athlete all his life before he started acting. Carl was born on January 14, 1948, near New Orleans, Louisiana.

He did very well playing for the Oakland Raiders and was used to fame and fortune before he started his passion, which was always acting. He finally retired from football in 1974 and got parts in movies like Friday Foster (1975) and Bucktown. Hi rather new acting career was boosted when Irwin Winkler chose him for the roll of Apollo Creed in the blockbuster movie Rocky (1976).

Carl went on to make another three Rocky movies with Sylvester and always kept training wherever he found himself. He explains that he trains like a bodybuilder but concentrates more on volume than weight the older he gets. Standing at 6 foot one he used to have the best body in Hollywood in his prime.

Although Carl never competed as a bodybuilder he certainly would have done well if he competed when in his prime. Sporting 18 inch arms his only body-part that would not get him a higher placing was his legs. His training was and is guided by Vince Gironda who believes strongly in the German Volume training method of 8 X 8.

When training biceps Carl uses the "drag" method where he pulls his elbows back when lifting a barbell so that the weight creeps up the front of your chest, called the drag. Carl is a born athlete and always has managed to lead a life of discipline and routine that has kept his body in top condition.

At 67 years old Carl still trains on a regular basis and will no doubt continue to watch his old Sidney Pointier movies, which ignited his passion for acting. Carl is a perfect example of someone who has used his genetic and artistic gifts very effectively.

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