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Casey Viator Arm Workout

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What was Casey Viator's arm training routine?

casey viator arm workout

Casey Viator hails from the Big Arm era, and was quite successful during this time frame, with several milestones. He was the youngest person ever to win the AAU Mr. America, getting the title while still a teenager. He was also a pioneer of the new training approach that Arthur Jones brought into the bodybuilding world. Casey won various contests at the professional level. As befitting someone from this era, he had a pair of incredible arms, with very thick, fully biceps and triceps.

Arthur Jones stated that Casey was one of the strongest men he had ever seen.

When getting ready for a contest Casey would actually train his arms every day - biceps one day and triceps the next day. He hit biceps and chest together, then triceps with back.

Casey often used Nautilus machines to work on his big arms, and employed a high repetition range for most of his arm training.

Some of Casey's favorite arm exercises include Barbell Curl, Nautilus Curl, Triceps Pushdown and Nautilus Triceps machine.

Casey proves that varying different training approaches high intensity training, volume training, etc. can yield big results for the arms.

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