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Chris Evans Arm Workout

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What was Chris Evans' arm training routine?

chris evans arm workout

Christopher Robert Evans was born on June 13, 1981 in Boston and was raised in a home by his artistic mother and his dentist father. He had four other siblings that were his younger brother, his older brother and his two sisters. Chris was into acting from an early age and was later to become a well-known actor.

After staring in movies like the Fantastic Four and Captain America he quickly became a household name but never stopped training with weights and has always been able to show a well-developed fit body in his movies. In 2008 he made a movie with his hero Keanu Reeves called Street Kings.

The training that Chris has always done throughout his career has been more like that of a pro bodybuilder than a film actor. Training hard and using as little rest between sets as possible he would always train using a split routine that would allow him to do both biceps and triceps on the same day.

Although his 16 inch arms are very well balanced in his well-shaped 5'9" frame he would always keep his body-fat below 10% showing balance and proportion that could have been seen on a bodybuilding show. He never competed as a bodybuilder but would have no doubt done very well if he had chosen this as a sport to pursue.

Chris would train his shoulders and his chest as well as his legs on a separate day so that he would concentrate on his abs and his arms on the fourth day of his 8 day split routine that he would train. He explains that isolation of the important muscle groups is vitally important to get separation and size.

His 4th workout for the week on day four would be his core and his arm training, which would start with barbell curls and skull-crushers. He would then super-set seated biceps curls with dips and the finish off with cable hammer curls and close-grip bench-press.

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