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Chris Hemsworth Arm Workout

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What was Chris Hemsworth's arm training routine?

chris hemsworth arm workout

Chris Hemsworth has been an Australian soap star for many years and was used to being in front of the camera when he got the role of the superhero Thor which saw him rise to stardom. Chris was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 11 August 1983.

He never stopped growing as a kid and was 191cm or 6'6' by the time he was 21 he started acting. But with some serious regular exercise he soon had a 48 inch chest and a 33 inch waist. Although his arms were only 16 inches he managed to gain another two inches on his arms with some serious hardcore training to bulk up for the role as Thor.

Packing on 20 pounds of muscle did not come easily to this ectomorph who always had difficulty adding muscle to his tall frame. In his own words the heavy duty compound movement training that he went through to add muscle was guided by the well-known celebrity trainer called Duffy Gaver.

Duffy Gaver says that Chris gained of 20 pounds of muscle from heavy workouts, red meat and some protein powder but he never took steroids to gain that muscle you see on screen. He worked hard and never missed a workout and always stuck to his diet.

The workout Chris used to build him arms is listed below:

Barbell Biceps Curl 3 X 10
Skull Crushers 3 X 10
EZ-Bar Preacher Curl 3 X 10
Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extensions 3 X 10
Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3 X 12
Rope Press-down 3 X 12
Barbell Wrist Curls 3 X 20
Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls 3 X 20

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