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Cybergenics Arm Workout

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Cybergenics training routine for arm mass

cybergenics arm workout

Cybergenics was released in the mid 1980's, by Scott Chinery of L & S Research in Brick, NJ.

At first it was called the "Steroid Replacement System", but they soon changed the name to the "60 Day Total Body Building System".

It came it a blue box with 7 different supplements, 6 of where were tablets and 1 was a dropper bottle. You took these supplements at different times during the day and used some for only part of the 60-day cycle.

It also came with a video that gave some basic information on the program and showed how to do the workouts for all body parts.

But the real gem was the little blue Cybergenics manual, that covered everything in depth, diet, exercises, the exact workouts, how to take the supplements, etc. It's rare and hard to find but if you can get you hands on this manual it will make a great addition to your bodybuilding library.

While many people debate if the supplements were really any good or not, almost everyone agrees that the Cybergenics workout program was very effective at building muscle mass fast.

It was an old school type workout routine, which is most closely compared to Steve Michalik's Intensity Insanity Training System in that it is both high intensity and high volume.

The workout combined many techniques such as:

Training to positive failure

Training to negative failure

Drop sets

Pre exhaust training

Here is an example of the arm routine

You do a set of barbell curls to positive failure and then negative failure.

As quickly as possible take off half the weight and again go to positive and negative failure.

Once more take off half the weight and go to positive and negative failure.

After this you would rest while your training partner does the same cycle, then you would repeat the above 2 more times.

After that you would do the same thing with dumbbell concentration curls for 2 cycles.

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