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Danny Padilla Arm Workout

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What was Danny Padilla's arm training routine?

danny padilla arm workout

Danny Padilla's main claim to fame is not just that he was in the movie "Pumping Iron" but that he had a great pair of guns as well. Danny was one of the shorter bodybuilders in the professional ranks (only 52) but he still sported a pair of arms big enough to stand out.

Danny, known as the "Giant Killer" is one of only a couple of bodybuilders in history to win both the America and the Universe in the same year, and his incredible arms helped him do so. Danny had a great balance in his big arms, with the triceps and biceps complementing each other.

To build arms size Danny liked to do all his exercises for 12 reps each set. He did not believe in pyramiding up weight each set, instead he would keep the weight the same on all his sets. Once he reached 12 reps on all his sets, he would then increase the weight he used on his next workout.

The biceps exercises Danny used most were Alternate Dumbbell Curl, Barbell Curl and Dumbbell Concentration Curls.

And for Triceps he did a lot of Lying Tricep Press, Pressdowns and One Arm Pressdowns with reverse grip.

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