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Dave Draper Arm Workout

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What was Dave Draper's arm training routine?

dave draper arm workout

David "Slick" Draper was born in Secaucus New Jersey on April 16, 1942 and went on to become a professional bodybuilder, actor and an inventor who toured many countries with Arnold promoting the sport of bodybuilding. Also known as the blond bomber he made an enormous contribution to the sport over many years.

Dave stood at 6'0" tall and entered at a competition weight of around 235 pounds. Although known for his huge arms and forearms he did not have the 21-inch arms that Arnold or Sergio had and managed to make his 19-inch arms look like a serious pair of guns.

Without a doubt one of the top ten bodybuilders in the 60's and 70's he won the IFBB Mr. America and the Mr. Universe but never managed to win Mr. Olympia where he placed 4th in 1967. He loved the movie business and made many cameo appearances in movies as well as hosting a TV show in 1965.

Probably his most well known invention is the Top Squat, which is a fitness device that is used for overall development. He also invented the thick-handled barbell which he said is the best way to improve the size of forearms and he sold them as weight training accessories.

Dave has also featured on the cover of more than 20 magazines published in the USA and 6 different European cover stories in popular health magazines over the years. He was also featured in an 8 page article in the well-read GQ magazine.

Without a doubt his favorite biceps exercise must be the preacher curl which later became known as the Draper curl in many bodybuilding circles. He also liked dumbbell alternate curls and incline dumbbell curls.

His favorite triceps exercises included seated french press, one arm dumbbell extensions and pulley pushdowns.

He believed in mixing hard and heavy as well as light and higher rep training with short rests between sets.

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