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Train Legs To Get Bigger Arms

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build huge arms
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Does Working Legs Build Upper Body?

train legs to get bigger arms

The simple answer to the question above is yes however it needs some justification so that you can test it out for yourself. Building muscle is all about testosterone because without testosterone in your body you would not only die in just a few days but you would certainly lose muscle rapidly.

Squats do more than just increase your own testosterone and growth hormone (GH) production as it does this holistically by increasing your core strength that you have and we all know that increased strength means increased muscle size. There is a very good reason why squats have been called the king of exercises for well over 50 years in the bodybuilding community.

But you will get the same results from doing deadlift as well and believe it or not your bench-press will increase and that is simply because you have more testosterone floating around. With all the fancy scientific investigation that keeps going on the bottom line is that testosterone produces muscle and that is something that will never change because it is the way God made us.

With bodybuilding now the billion dollar industry that it has become there have been countless studies that have been done on this and there will be many more. They all show that when you do Squats & Deadlifts you will definitely increase the release of GH & Testosterone a LOT more than when doing any other exercise and this will increase the amount of natural muscle building hormones in your body.

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