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Don Howorth Arm and Shoulder Workout

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What was Don Howorth's shoulders and arms routine?

don howorth workout

Don Howorth was born in California USA on November 9, 1935 when he started gymnastics at school in Los Angeles he started training with weights for the first time. Some bodybuilding experts call Don a legend because of what he achieved showing a thick broad back and a narrow waist put him at the top of his sport.

Don trained with the best bodybuilders in the 1950's and 1960's even today he trains three times a week and still tells us that Steve Reeves is the best bodybuilder he has ever seen. Training the old school way with Vince Geronda he managed to repair a severe spinal trauma that put him out of bodybuilding for 5 years.

But Don is a fighter and managed to gain over 60 pounds of muscle in four years reaching 215 pounds with 20 inch arms and a small 29 inch waist he deserved the Mr. America title. But then he suddenly decided to stop competing as bodybuilder because he says in those days there was just no money in the game.

It is unfortunate that bodybuilding lost such a talented bodybuilder just because of the non-existent prize money they used to offer before the sport became professional. He explains that dealing with Weider was difficult as he ruled the bodybuilding scene at the time.

Don's training was something he planned well ahead of time as he says at one time training in the gym was his job and he took it seriously.

For shoulders he would do dumbbell seated press followed immediately by a set doing bent-over dumbbell raises for rear the deltoids. Sometimes he would even add another movement into the super-set called Side Incline Raises. This makes it a giant-set which he would do all movements in a row with no rest before taking a break.

For biceps he did close grip barbell curl, preacher curl and one arm cable curl.

And for ticeps he did cable triceps push down and overhead triceps extentions.

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