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Dorian Yates Arm Workout

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What was Dorian Yates's arm training routine?

dorian yates arm workout

Dorian Yates is no ordinary bodybuilder having won the coveted Mr. Olympia title 6 times consecutively and being only one of four bodybuilders that have won so many Mr. O titles. His nickname is The Shadow because of the many competitions he enters without any announcement or fanfare but just suddenly showing up and often winning.

Born in the UK in Walmley, which is in the west Midlands in England on 19th April 1962 and standing at 5'9" weighing in at over 260 pounds when he competes. His professional debut started in 1990 at the Night of the Champions where he placed 4th.

Like any good professional bodybuilder Dorian is very specific when it comes to training his arms. He stresses the vital importance of slow controlled movement when training arms and to never just think of only completing the movement to finish the set.

With full blown arms of 20 inches when he competes Dorian knows what he is talking about when it comes to arms. He always tells any of his many fans that when training your arms you have to think about the movement and the fibers that you are trying to activate.

Dorian works his arms in a very specific mix where he does not believe that doing biceps and triceps in the same training session is a good idea. He usually trains his triceps when he does his shoulders and often trains his biceps after training his chest.

This certainly sounds unusual when one considers the pre-exhaustion principal and training biceps after doing chest. But Dorian believes that he gets the best results when he trains his biceps and triceps without any pre-exhaustion and he attacks them when they are fresh and fully recuperated.

Dorian takes his arm training seriously and uses sets with 6 to 8 reps with a maximum weight. As mentioned above it is the strictness of his form which is of paramount importance when training arms. He usually would work with movements like incline dumbbell curls for biceps.

He would also use an EZ barbell for curls and also use Nautilus curls but would never do more than two or a maximum of three sets which he says that if the training is done correctly one does not need to do 20 sets for arms.

For his triceps Dorian would do only one set of Triceps pushdown for 12 reps and then one set of 8 to 10 reps. He would then move on to a barbell extensions using an EZ bar for one set of 8 to 10 reps. If one excludes the warm-ups that he would do then that is how he got his massive 20 inch arms.

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