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Drop Set Arm Workout

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Drop Sets for Biceps and Triceps

drop set arm workout

There is a lot that be said for the high intensity training technique known as drop sets. Rated by many different professional bodybuilders to be one of the best of a very wide range of options that they can choose from when looking for a different way to get results and shock your biceps and triceps muscles into growth.

These systems include anything from the basics like supersets, giant sets, pre-exhaustion or other techniques like negatives, partials, static holds, continuous tension, etc. The options really seem endless and include things like peak contraction, 5 sets of 5, 8 sets of 8 and 21s and many others, but still drop sets is rated as one of the best.

It was Arnold's favorite techniques and it has been said that the reason he managed to get those well-known 22-inch arms was because of drop sets. If you consider that when doing a set of 8 to 12 reps with the same weight you would be starting to fail when you get to your tenth rep and squeeze out the last two reps using everything you have left to lift the weight.

If you were able to lift a lighter weight the chances that you could go past the point of failure are very good is what is what drop set training is all about. It is built on the premise that if stripping off weight and continuing the set, you will cumulatively be able to recruit more and more so-called "reserve" muscle fibers.

The result is that when you are doing drop sets you will be able to hit the "stubborn" muscle fibers and get "deep down" resulting in growth that you would not be able to normally achieve by stopping after a single set of six to twelve.

Drop sets can be done easily with barbells, dumbbells or machines but you will need a spotter to make quick changes so that you can go beyond failure. If you are using a barbell for any movement you should use plates that are light so that they can be quickly discarded and taken off the barbell as you reach failure.

Doing it with dumbbells you would be going "down the rack" where you would be easily able to grab the next lightest dumbbell when you get to failure. Drop sets has many other names including triple-drops, going down the rack, strip sets or the stripping technique.

When using drop sets and training with a machine you obviously need a spotter to quickly take out the pin and insert it in a lighter weight selection so that you can continue your set. Strict form is vital to avoid injuries at all costs if you want to see results from drop set training.

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