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Ed Corney Arm Workout

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What was Ed Corney's arm training routine?

ed corney arm workout

Ed Corney was born in California on November 9, 1933 and is the only professional bodybuilders to ever have won the Master Mr. Olympia twice in a row, which he did in 1994 and 1995. Ed competed for over 30 years and was put into the IFBB hall of fame in 2004 for his efforts and his enormous contribution to the sport.

Over the years Ed developed his own type of training philosophy, which he said was to always ensure continuous tension when doing a movement correctly. Never locking out when doing a bench-press or training any specific body-part, he said that one needs to make maximum use of the weight that you are using and make it as difficult as possible in order to get results.

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches he made his huge 18-inch arms look like massive 22 inch arms with huge biceps. Ed was one of those bodybuilders who did not believe in training his biceps and triceps on the same day and always made sure that it was trained after he trained back or chest.

He would train his biceps after doing chest and shoulders and not back which is something that had not been done often. His explanation was that to get results the biceps and the triceps need to be targeted when they are fresh and not pre-exhausted.

His biceps workout would always start with regular barbell curls, making sure that his elbows are always tucked into his sides using slow deliberate movement and continuous tension. He would then do concentration dumbbell curls and then another dumbbell curls.

Ed would use the same principal when training his triceps and train them only after he had completed a back workout which gave his triceps no pre-exhaustion before training.

His attack on his triceps was very specific starting off one arm dumbbell extensions. Always making sure that he would never lock out except when doing press-downs.

He would finish his triceps workout with lying French press done with a barbell. His last movement for his triceps would be a close grip press. The idea of training arms on a day when they are not used for other exercises was taken up by many other bodybuilders who have used this system very effectively.

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