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Franco Columbu Arm Workout

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What was Franco Columbu's arm training routine?

franco columbu arm workout

Francesco "Franco" Columbu was born in Ollolai, Sardinia, which is part of Italy on August 7, 1941. Franco started off as a boxer but he was a natural athlete that could excel at any strength sport. He went from boxing to become an Olympic weightlifter that represented his country.

Today we know Franco from his movies and his bodybuilding career, which got him the coveted Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe titles as well as many others. His competitive career as a bodybuilder lasted from early 1965 and ended 16 years later when he won the Mr. O in 1981.

He was not only Arnold Schwarzenegger's training partner but was directly involved with many of Arnold's movies. Franco is also a qualified Chiropractor and when Arnold was the Governor of California he appointed Franco to be on the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, where he still serves.

In 1977 while he was winning bodybuilding competitions he entered the World's Strongest Man competition where he placed in fifth. His natural strength for a man who is only 5 foot and 3 inches tall is astounding. Presenting a well-shaped balanced physique with huge 19" arms that has placed him at the top of one of his chosen sports.

Franco was very specific about his arm training which he is on record as saying that the only way to increase size as well as definition and separation is to use supersets and giant sets for both biceps and triceps. He certainly does not recommend doing giant sets along with supersets but to train sensibly.

For example his description of doing incline dumbbell curls he explains that the only way to develop a peak in your bicep is to twist away from your body as you complete the movement. He explains that this supination along with a peak contraction at the top of the movement will ensure size.

The same goes for triceps pushdowns, which he says attacks all three heads equally. Making sure that your elbows are always tightly tucked into your sides he says that the concentric movement should be locked out. Together with a slow and deliberate eccentric movement as you come back to the starting position.

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