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Frank Zane Arm Workout

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What was Frank Zane's arm training routine?

frank zane arm workout

The legendary Frank Zane is one of the few professional bodybuilders of the 60's and 70's that has beaten Arnold in a Mr. Universe competition in 1968. But bodybuilding changed after that and we no longer saw bodybuilders with perfect proportions and balance as the winners needed to have more and more muscle.

Frank has openly admitted that his mentor and hero was Steve Reeves who he says sculptured his body to look like the balance and the perfect proportions of a Greek God. Today bodybuilding does not reward these perfections without extreme muscle size.

Bodybuilders like Jay Cutler who is the same height as Frank Zane competes at a weight which has more than 80 pounds of muscle than Frank had when he competed. The change in bodybuilding came when the perfect proportions of bodybuilders like Bob Paris where given second place to huge muscle when Bob was beaten by Lee Haney.

Some bodybuilding commentators say that this change came long before that and that it was the deliberate orchestration by the Weider group of size over balance which got Arnold his 6 Mr. Olympian wins. Frank simply explains his win over Arnold in 1968 as lack of experience when Arnold came on stage looking flat and un-tanned.

But Arnold was a quick study and went on to win Mr. Olympia 6 times and change the history of bodybuilding completely. Frank always seems to take these changes in his stride and is a well-published philosopher and poet who will approach everything in his life with balance.

Frank has some very specific guidelines which he teachers his clients at his health club called the Zane Experience, which he runs with his wife Christine. He explains that when doing a set one has to focus on the feedback you are getting from doing the movement and not the weight that you are lifting or how many reps you still have to do.

He says that that his clients get exposed to the vital importance of doing a movement correctly and how to manipulate range of motion to suite specific requirements. He says that above the genetics that you are born with or your drive or your testosterone level is your continuity, it is your training that gets results.

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and having 17 inch arm makes Frank looks like a normal well-built man when wearing a suit, but his size is more than doubled when he takes his clothes off. Frank trains his arms twice a week like most bodybuilders but his favorite bicep movement is one arm dumbbell concentration curls.

His favorite triceps movement is good old dips which he would also use a dipping machine. Frank would never train his biceps and triceps on the same day as he believes that it needs to be isolated as effectively as possible in order to get separation.

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