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Freddy Ortiz Arm Workout

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What was Freddy Ortiz's arm training routine?

freddy ortiz arm workout

Freddy Ortiz developed what some consider the best full arm development ever seen. Ortiz had very large arms and combined with a very small waist, the visual effect was stunning.

Freddy worked out with Harold Poole and Larry Scott. Photos of Freddy and Larry reveal a couple of pairs of the top arms of all time.

For Freddy, the key factor in getting the most out of the training is to get the repetition range right.

Freddy advices bumping up the set range a bit to put on more size.

For biceps Freddy did barbell curls with scott bench curls and dumbbell curls.

For triceps he did dips, standing triceps rxtension and pushdown on a cable machine.

Freddy's arm routine is full and fast between sets, but the movement of the weight during the exercises is slow.

Freddy points out the key importance of focusing on the triceps for arm development.

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