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old school forearm training

The variations of forearm or grip strength training are endless probably because there are so many different movements that your hands can do which directly involves your forearms. When you look at the old school bodybuilders you will see that most of them have huge forearms so we need to ask why that is so.

But first we must separate the forearms into the category of muscle groups that often get over-looked and done at the end of a workout almost as an afterthought like when you do calves. Calves and forearms are similar in that they are difficult to grow because they are always worked whenever we walk, pick something up or train.

The first step in increasing your forearm size starts by simply thinking about them. This may sound strange but when you are able to deadlift or do chins without using straps then you will understand what this means because you will know exactly how strong you really are.

But there is a lot more that you can do although most of it is something that should be done at the end of your workout whether you are doing pulling or pushing movements that day. From the good old Framers Walk to training with a thick barbell, all are going to make a huge difference to your forearm size as well as your grip strength.

The last old time forearm exercise that we will talk about exercise is the plate-pinch extensions which is similar to the farmers walk but more isolated on your grip strength. Let's go briefly through these exercises recommended by the old school bodybuilders to increase the size of your forearms.

Being able to lift a 600 pound deadlift using straps is NOT the same as doing it without straps and there are many bodybuilders that will tell you if you cannot lift a weight without using straps then you cannot lift the weight. You need to start only using your straps at the very last moment when your grip has failed you completely.

1. The farmers walk will make you strong and you will feel it when you do it. Simply take two of the heaviest dumbbells in the gym that you can lift and hold them in a standing position. Now you simply walk around the gym holding the dumbbells for as long as you can without dropping them.

2. Plate Pinch Extensions just like the farmers walk is something that you will feel directly on your forearms and fingers. Simply grab a 5lb or a 10lb plate and hold the plate using a pronated (palm down) wrist position with your thumb on the one side and your fingers on the other. Holding your arm straight out in front of you and flex and extend your wrist joint for reps.

3. The last of the great forearm old school methods of training forearms is the finger-band extensions and sand extensions. You need some heavy duty elastics and simply cover your fingers with the bands and extend the same as doing this movement in sand would give the same muscles in your forearms a great workout.

In conclusion the combination of using a fat grip or a thicker barbell when you do deadlifts and curls etc as well as just thinking about your forearms reaching the point of failure when you do deadlifts, chins or pull-ups is going to make all the difference. Just like calves they are tough to grow but it starts and ends with the way that you train.

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