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Giant Sets Arm Workout

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Giant Sets for Biceps and Triceps

giant sets arm workout

The benefits of giant sets

Giant sets is a great way to break through any plateau that you might be sticking on when you have been training awhile. Some say that the principal of giant set training is as old as bodybuilding itself and has been used effectively by the pros for years.

It is a very simple system that also relies on volume training just like tri-set training would do but you can vary the exercises or movements that you do with giant sets a lot easier than you would be able to do with tri-sets training. Generally is consists of four different movements for the same body-part however a fifth movement can be added.

Doing arms you would either choose to combine a giant set where you train one movement on biceps and the next movement on triceps but this is not recommended as failure is to general then. To make the point of failure more isolated it is recommended that you do biceps and then triceps and not the two together.

A good example for doing a triceps giant set would be to do skull-crushers, french press, push downs and dumbbell kickbacks all without any rest in-between. By this point you are feeling the burn and reaching that point of failure that you know so well.

And for a biceps giant set do barbell curls, preacher curls, incline dumbbell curls and cable curls.

You would then take a well-deserved 2 to 3 minute break so that you start to recovery but not completely from those four sets.

You would then do the second set of your giant set routine in the same fashion and be constantly weary of your strict form that you are using and the selection of the correct weight so that you reach the point of failure at the right time in the set.

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