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Harold Poole Arm Workout

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What was Harold Poole's workout routine?

harold poole workout routine

Harold Poole in his prime had an awesome physique and was considered the best teenage bodybuilder of all time. He grew even bigger after his teens and sported super arms, with very full biceps and thick triceps to boot. Harold was a very successful all-around athlete and mixed in his training to help his athletic endeavors.

Harold performs all of his exercises with no more than six repetitions per set, with the exception of calves and abdominals, with which he handles about thirty per set.

Poole employed the full body routine that many of his day used. His repetition range of 6 reps per set was fairly low. Later on, when he won the Mr. Universe, he was suggesting using 8 repetitions per set.

He also employed split body part training in his career, and at times used a 10 sets of 15 repetitions per body part training scheme.

Harold claimed to have never used steroids, which is quite impressive for a guy who came in second to Sergio Oliva in the Mr. Olympia contest.

Harold stayed really basic on his arm training. Harold mainly used barbell curls and triceps press downs, for six sets of six repetitions, using heavy weight loads on each, with minimal rest per set.

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