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Home Arm Workouts

Build Big Arms Workouts
build huge arms
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Build Big Arms at Home

home arm workouts

by Clive (17" arms)

My workout routines have evolved over four years though experimenting, trial and error and tips off the Internet. I have never gone to a gym, and work out in the comfort of my own home with two dumbbells of differing weights. My build big arms at home routine might sound a little bit unconventional but it has certainly worked for me, putting a little over three inches of muscle in each arm. I've got the bug now and don't want to stop there; I'm constantly striving for bigger and more impressive arms.

My two dumbbells are at presant set at 10kg and 18kg [22 lbs and 40 lbs]; for the biceps I do curls standing. I start with the lighter weights doing 3 sets of 15 reps on each arm alternating each arm in turn. This starts off very easy, but by the time you get to the last couple of sets it gets hard, so be prepared to push yourself to your limit. I do this routine for 3 weeks, then I surprise my arms and do a workout with the heavier weights. I do 3 sets of 10 on each arm if I'm lucky--again, as keen weight trainers will know, the success to any muscle growth relates to how much effort is put into it. After this one-off workout, I go back to the lighter weights for the next 3 weeks and continue the cycle. I try and work out every other day.

When doing curls, the technique I have developed is to start with the arm completely straight and, when raising the weight, twisting it slightly outwards as you reach the shoulder. This turns the elbow inwards and slightly upwards. In a way, it's like flexing the bicep with the weights in your hand. At the end of this exercise, those biceps should feel as hard as rocks. I think the twisting action helps develope the forearms as well as peaking the bicep.

One last thing: stay lean! I like to keep my weight down. I feel that the muscles look better defined that way and are not lost under fat. Someone might have 20" arms, but if they have a double chin and a flabby 40"+ waist, those arms just won't look like anything special.

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