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Hugh Jackman Arm Workout

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What was Hugh Jackman's arm training routine?

hugh jackman arm workout

Hugh Jackman was born on 12 October 1968 in Sydney New South Wales Australia. He stands 6 ft 2 inches tall and has weighs around 200 pounds at 6 percent body fat and has 16 inch arms.

We have all seen him in his many different roles ranging from the X-Men series to great movies like Australia with Nicole Kidman.

Hugh is one of the best built men in Hollywood he trains on a regular basis and knows how to eat sensibly. He can bench-press over 315 pounds and leg press 1000 pounds without a problem.

Steve Ramsbottom has been Hugh's personal trainer for many years where he guided him through the intense workouts he required to show the lean body mass he showed us in X-Men and many other movies. Steve explains that his muscle gain is attributed to free weight training.

When Hugh was describing his workouts he explained that his workout schedule or routine gets changed every 3 weeks where he trains heavy and uses a lot of rest between sets so he can lift heavier. After heavy training using low reps Hugh would always change to a lighter weight where he would do rest pause type of training.

His rest pause training was actually a slow count concentrically lifting for 4 seconds and then eccentrically lowering the weight for four seconds. Training 6 days a week he would change it up after three weeks doing explosive lifting for fast twitch muscle fibers.

A sample of his arm routine would be:


Dumbbell Curls four sets of twelve reps
Barbell Curl four sets of twelve, ten, eight, eight reps
One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl four sets of twelve, twelve, ten, ten reps


Rope Triceps Pushdown four sets of twelve reps
Skull Crushers four sets of twelve, ten, eight, eight reps
One-Arm Triceps Extension four sets of twelve reps

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